Butterfly Heaven 

If you love butterflies as much as I do, you’re doing to lose it when I tell you about this butterfly heaven. I am completely and utterly in love with this place. This past Sunday, my family and myself visited a Butterfly Conservatory and I am very exited to share it with you all. The conservatory is located in Cambridge, Ontario and is filled with thousands of free flying … Continue reading Butterfly Heaven 

I’m Type Two & I Like Labelling Myself

Today I want to talk about personality — specifically the enneagram. I sent this quiz over to my friends and we continuously talked about our different types that I thought I would talk to you guys about it. The enneagram personality test is a system that consists of nine different types based on fears, characteristics, and desires. Everyone is considered to be one single type and mine … Continue reading I’m Type Two & I Like Labelling Myself

Toronto’s Hidden Art Gallery

Okay, so it’s not exactly “hidden”… It’s not located in some secret land like Narina and you don’t need a password to get in, BUT it is defiantly a hidden gem of Toronto. Every time I leave the house it seems that I end up in an art gallery, and this weeks find was the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. This art gallery was so unlike any I … Continue reading Toronto’s Hidden Art Gallery


“Guess what? When it comes right down to it, wherever you go, there you are”   Jon Kabat-Zinn When I started my first semester of college, I threw mindfulness and self compassion right out the window. Which I can say was not a good idea. My first semester of my freshman year was a wack load of mess after mess. I was always drowning in stress, anxiety surrounded me in … Continue reading Mindfulness

Wednesday Adventures 2.0

Welcome back everyone, and hello to new comers. If you haven’t read my last blog post, myself and my roommate made a plan to adventure out on Wednesdays for the afternoon. It has been so nice having a mid break in the week and just having fun! To keep the fun times going, last wednesday my roommate, my friend Ryan and myself travelled to Vaughan … Continue reading Wednesday Adventures 2.0

Wednesday Adventures 1.0

Wednesdays are my new favourites, sorry Sunday. I used to haaaate Wednesdays. I felt like the day just dragged on and the weekend was never going to come. Instead of getting the Wednesday blues, myself and my roommate vowed to make it Wednesday yellows… if that makes sense. Instead of staying in, we have travelled downtown every Wednesday and went somewhere new that we’ve never … Continue reading Wednesday Adventures 1.0