Nineteenth Birthday Celebration

Oh eighteen, what a good year you have been to me,  but you had to come to an end eventually. I’m not really one for throwing big parties or making a huge fuss, I would really much just enjoy hanging out at home. So this year, I dragged myself, Shar, Ry and Steven to Toronto… we spent the day at the Ripleys Aquarium, stopped by … Continue reading Nineteenth Birthday Celebration

Toronto’s Best Instagramable Ice Cream Shops

The hot weather is here, so what better way to cool down with an ice cream cone in your hand… and might as well post an Instagram about it too. a little cup of satisfaction 🍪🥛🥄 . . . #cookiedough#doughto#kensington#nomnomnom#summer#thesixeats#blogto#torontoeats#toronto#torontolife#foodie#igdaily#instafood#instasweet#instamood#sweettooth#portraitmode#iphonephotography#tastethesix#to_finest#beforeitmelts#yyz#yyzeats#fastfood#wickeats A post shared by Henwick Henri Yiu (@wickyiu) on Jul 8, 2017 at 4:05pm PDT Doughlish: Nothing says satisfaction better than cookie dough and a small … Continue reading Toronto’s Best Instagramable Ice Cream Shops

10 Ontario Parks You Must Camp At This Summer

What is a better than camping? Long hikes, canoeing, and no proper hygiene for a few days. Time to grab your tent and embrace Mother Nature with 10 of Ontarios most beautiful parks! Camp cooking tip: precombine all the ingredients you need to make your meals. Our favourite was cinnamon pancakes for breakfast. Dry food is lightweight and easy to transport and we just needed … Continue reading 10 Ontario Parks You Must Camp At This Summer

I’m Type Two & I Like Labelling Myself

Today I want to talk about personality — specifically the enneagram. I sent this quiz over to my friends and we continuously talked about our different types that I thought I would talk to you guys about it. The enneagram personality test is a system that consists of nine different types based on fears, characteristics, and desires. Everyone is considered to be one single type and mine … Continue reading I’m Type Two & I Like Labelling Myself

My Five Essentials for a Happy Life

Happy Monday everyone! In my Arts & Sciences lecture, my professor talked about Epicurus and happiness. The lecture went on about how only you are capable of your own happiness and how to find it in all the right places. This lecture really made me think about what happiness means to me and what makes me happy. There are so many things I encounter in my everyday life that bring … Continue reading My Five Essentials for a Happy Life

Toronto’s Hidden Art Gallery

Okay, so it’s not exactly “hidden”… It’s not located in some secret land like Narina and you don’t need a password to get in, BUT it is defiantly a hidden gem of Toronto. Every time I leave the house it seems that I end up in an art gallery, and this weeks find was the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. This art gallery was so unlike any I … Continue reading Toronto’s Hidden Art Gallery