It’s nice to meet you

I’ve been sat at my computer for nearly twenty minutes trying to figure out how to start my first blog post.  I mean, why is it so hard to just simply say the word hello? If Adele can write a number 1 song entitled hello, then I can write it here.

So here I go….

Hello.     It is nice to meet you.

My name is Amelia, and currently, I have a cat lying over the keyboard of my laptop. And no, I am not a crazy cat lady;; which I can only assume made me sound more of a crazy cat lady. By now, I’m sure you think I am a 50 year old with an apartment filled of 50 of the world’s most adorable animals, but I am only senior in highschool and 47 less cats.

I have never tried writing a blog post before, mainly because I thought no one would take the time to sit down and read all the wacko things that I write. But here I am, and you as well.

I’m not really sure where my blog posts will lead to, but if it makes someone smile, then I am headed on the right track.

I hope you bare with me on my blogging journey.

Tell me your name in the comments, I would love to say hello to each one of you.




7 thoughts on “It’s nice to meet you

  1. The first post is always the hardest, but you’ve done an awesome job! Hello… It’s me 😉
    I too have three cats so that’s one Thing in common! I look forward to more of your posts xxx

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