A letter to my high school friends


What a crazy last four years it has been.

Waking up Monday mornings, having to deal with the schools bad wifi and re-enacting Lion King just to get one bar on our cellphones. Saying up to three in the morning trying to finish that English paper and having random math pop quizzes about stuff we never learned.


This journey we have all shared together has been crazy, but I’m so glad you guys got to share it with me — and I got to share it with you.

I will miss those lunch breaks we shared eating on the hallway floor — bragging what you got on your last science test, crying over the history quiz you failed, or talking about you and your boyfriends latest arguments.

IMG_1171All those road trips to the beach and me getting red as a lobster. My sweet sixteen birthday party when we got attacked by a racoon. Stuffing our faces with pizza while watching Spongebob in our onesies, and of course, that very intense competition at Squadmas making gingerbread houses (Sable and I won of course).

I will miss you laughing at all my bad jokes, making funny faces during my presentations, sending me the answers to the trigonometry  homework, singing with me at the top of our lungs (even if you thought I was insane), and helping me up after I stubble over my own two feet — after you have finally grasped some air after laughing so hard.

We’ve been through ups and downs and good days and bad days. You taught me to love myself and not to be afraid to chase after my crazy dreams of eloping with an Australian. You showed me the wonderful gift of friendship and that I am forever grateful.

I’ve seen you grow into an incredible person and I am so proud of everything you have accomplished these last few years. Although we are going our separate ways after this summer, just know I will forever be right by your side.


With love, Amelia Reynolds

Cheers to the Future

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