18 beautiful photos from Greece

Hi, I’m in Greece — The city of Gods.

Well… I was four days ago.

The past two weeks, my family and myself had travelled all around Greece and I cannot explain how beautiful the country is. Below are 18 beautiful photos I was able to capture while on my travels.

1. These Gorgeous Sunsets:

original_url: 3DE78212-5499-4EE8-A185-0D0BD9BA41C9

original_url: 6411EF1E-6ADC-4EEA-A796-0346A0BEB38C

2. This Perfectly Crystal Clear Sea:

original_url: 0866E715-0941-4BEC-BE55-0EA8AFBE0719

3. This Breath Taking View:

original_url: C535842D-8A6C-4EC1-9F86-A6E3AABF14D5

original_url: 749E69CB-84C7-4143-9107-89CC7FB9BF56

4. The City of Gods Below:

original_url: A6BBBD68-378D-4A19-8455-2A5D1DC35015

5. Mountains on Mountains on Mountains:

original_url: 571536E5-EE5E-4A80-BC0B-D8A848F85748

6. This Sea of Boats:

original_url: 0EBF4BFC-4235-4D57-B27A-F68FF4E5F727

7. The City Street Below:

original_url: 70050FE0-DCA0-4812-8CD1-3D3B7223F8EE

8. This Perfectly Circle Stone:

original_url: B5825211-7C23-4DA7-8638-AC9D38F859B7

9.  This Poser of a Butterfly:

original_url: B03287E6-9AC2-48A4-946D-9FE4597C2934

10. These Delicious Ice Cream Flavours:

original_url: 5FECFCEB-4F61-413A-AC29-CB4BAAC3C24B

11. The Castle Above:

original_url: 53BBBC43-08DB-4161-844D-AC7729701022

12. This Adorable Pup:

original_url: 8CBCAC3E-0689-4211-B60B-4AB6A5F6D55A

13. Acropolis Hill:

original_url: 77E3436C-3330-45A7-AE28-B5F1F547D762


14. Greece Anyone?:

original_url: 0B63624D-1EC9-40C7-95F4-89E4F5C564FB



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