29 Things I Am Thankful For

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” – Cynthia Ozick

  1. Love – for allowing me to love myself and others
  2. Family – for being there through thick and thin
  3. Friends – for making me laugh uncontrollably and always being there for me
  4. Fuzzy Socks – for keeping my toes cozy on chilly nights
  5. Bubble Baths – for making me forget about my worries for a little bit
  6. My Phone – for being there when I find myself in awkward situations and need something to look at to get myself out of it
  7. Crêpes – for pairing perfectly with Nutella
  8. Candles – for filling the room with a beautiful scent
  9. Cheese – for being oh so delicious
  10. Autocorrect – for always being there and correcting my mistakes
  11. Laughter – for making my days a little better
  12. Life – for being able to experience new things everyday and continue learning
  13. Late Night Drives – for clearing my head on empty, and unknown destinations
  14. Memories – for reminding me of my favourite days
  15. Roasted Marshmallows – for companying me on bonfire nights
  16. Music – for making me feel things and have dance parties in my bedroom
  17. Onesies – for being the perfect slumber party pjs
  18. Netflix – for those late night binges
  19. Past Loves – for teaching me how to love someone else and to not be afraid to fall
  20. My Cats – for kisses and nice cuddles
  21. Oversized Sweaters – for lazy days where I just really don’t care
  22. Morning Cups of Tea – for preparing me for the day ahead
  23. Adventures – for showing me new and beautiful places
  24. Delicious Food – for fulfilling my hunger needs
  25. Beanies – for covering my hair on bad hair days
  26. Nature – for being the perfect antidote
  27. Freshly Baked Cookies – for being there for my glass of milk
  28. Youtube – for helping me procrastinate from doing my assignments
  29. YOU – yes you, I am thankful you being in my life and for reading my blog!

Comment below somethings that you are thankful for!



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