My 2016 Highlights  

Oh how the year has gone by. I can’t believe 2017 is already approaching, I’m still writing 2015 when I write the date down!

So many great things have happened this year, and I thought it would be a great time to sit back and look at them all. Here are my 2016 highlights.

1. Graduating High School

On November 25, I had finally walked across the Avon Theatre stage, shook my principals hand and got my diploma. It is so crazy being at this school for the past seven years with my best friends nearly everyday, and now going our separate paths. I am so proud of all my fellow graduates and wish them nothing but the absolute best and most success in their future. Forever and always a Ram.





2. Travelling to Greece

This year, I had the greatest honour to travel to Greece with my family for a few weeks. Ever since I was young I had dreamt of going to Greece and I am so lucky that I got to go there this past summer. It was one of my greatest experiences ever and I would go back in a heartbeat.

original_url: CA706CC0-608B-49AA-A3DF-D212C117163D
To see more photos of my journey in Greece, feel free to check out my blog post: 18 beautiful photos from Greece

3. Starting College

This fall, I took a big leap and started my future in Interior Decorating at Humber College. It was such a nerve-racking experience but I am so happy there and love my program. I could honestly not see myself doing anything else!

I have met so many incredibly talented people and made so many awesome friends in my program. I am so glad for this next journey in my life and whatever it brings me up ahead. original_url: 1BBA1038-864F-4886-8A2A-AEB9949D92FF

4. Hamilton Waterfalls

One afternoon, my GBF and I drove down to the Hamilton Waterfalls. I had been there before with my family and had to bring my best friend to see all the beautiful waterfalls and trails.

The afternoon was filled with good company, road trips, near death experiences (we got lost in a forest and had to walk an hour and a half back to my car), and so many great memories. I can’t wait to go back next summer!

original_url: 02845190-90D3-451F-9E71-F8A6148E99CD

original_url: 8830F1BA-C815-4D78-8525-C295ED1AF763

original_url: BA46571C-7C3B-45DB-B660-21FE5FCA5487

If you’re ever in the area, I recommend checking out the Hamilton waterfalls in Ontario!


The Humber FROSH Paint Party was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. In the afternoon there were buckets and buckets of coloured paint being thrown onto the crowd, and later a concert filled with many DJ’s keeping us dancing all through the night. For sure my FROSH week highlight and I can’t wait for next years paint party.

original_url: 95949E38-9CAB-4A3E-9DA0-616BF0C9511B

original_url: D6A7D545-C3D7-4801-9519-F9B4D23B9A6D

original_url: 5FDD456C-C6F8-4974-8A7B-45BBCE771DC7

original_url: 12417A59-6DF7-4208-8BB2-60A23C47D61FSafe to way we got a little colourful at this years FROSH Party. Until next year!

6. Prom

Prom was such a memorable night with my best friends beside me. Our journey throughout high school was such a rollercoaster and made this day, as well as graduation, so much better.

The night was filled with laughter, lots of smiles, and plenty of dancing. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it with anyone!

original_url: 86B0E02C-BFB6-4AEB-AA85-6E84B1C9CB6A

original_url: 3281E408-5EE7-4B6E-A2DD-66114391EC10Here is a little blog post I made for my graduating friends: A letter to my high school friends

7.  Becoming an Adult

Becoming an adult was such a scary thought, but it has been such a fun experience in this little journey I have spent in adulthood. I cannot to see what else adult brings me… other then bills and student debt of course!  14625714_1054073371315020_201185080_o


I would LOVE to hear all of your favourite 2016 highlights down below in the comment section.

Happy New Year Everyone.




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