I’m Type Two & I Like Labelling Myself

Today I want to talk about personality — specifically the enneagram.

I sent this quiz over to my friends and we continuously talked about our different types that I thought I would talk to you guys about it.

The enneagram personality test is a system that consists of nine different types based on fears, characteristics, and desires. Everyone is considered to be one single type and mine is type two “the helper,” and I found that very interesting.

So for todays blog I would talk to you about my type and my character.

“Type two personalities essentially feel that they are worthy insofar as they are helpful to others. Love is their highest ideal and selflessness is their duty. Types Twos care a great deal about their personal relationships, devote an enormous amount of energy to them, and who expect to be appreciated for their efforts. Helping others makes Twos feel good about themselves; being needed makes them feel important; being selfless, makes Twos feel virtuous.”

This I found extremely telling of my character, which really intrigued me how this quiz got it so right. I am always willing and happy to helping others and love is my highest ideal. I love taking care of people, and being there when I am needed. My personal relationships mean a lot to me and I would do anything for them. My friends always know to call me when stressed, upset, looking for advice, or an uplift — they often call me the mother of the group. I do love how they can always count on me to cheer them up. Knowing that they can come to me in a time of need does make me feel good and important knowing how much they care for me in their lives.

Next the enneagram started to discuss the downfalls of type Twos. They explained that:  “Because Twos are generally helping others meet their needs, they can forget to take care of their own. This can lead to physical burnout, emotional exhaustion and emotional volatility.”

That part hit me. I often find myself telling others to put them and their emotions first before anyone, but yet I don’t do that for myself. I am always busy helping others around me and making them happy. Sometimes I forget how important it is to help and protect yourself when needed, although others around you need it too. In pervious experiences I have done this quite a lot. I was always focused on others around me and totally disregarded myself. This caused me to have an emotional breakdown and I became very distant to the ones I love around me and pushed them away. All of this could have been easily avoided by checking in with myself every once and awhile. You can’t help others without first helping yourself.

Let me know if you guys did the enneagram and what type you are. 

See you next week!


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