Butterfly Heaven 

If you love butterflies as much as I do, you’re doing to lose it when I tell you about this butterfly heaven. I am completely and utterly in love with this place. This past Sunday, my family and myself visited a Butterfly Conservatory and I am very exited to share it with you all. The conservatory is located in Cambridge, Ontario and is filled with thousands of free flying … Continue reading Butterfly Heaven 

Niagara Falls for the Weekend 

This past weekend, myself and Ryan planed a trip down to Niagara to visit our friend for her birthday. Here is a little photo blog of our time spent in the falls. Day 1 To get to Niagara, Ryan and myself had to take three busses and a train. I know, thats a long journey! But after all that traveling, it was definitely worth it. I … Continue reading Niagara Falls for the Weekend 

The Toronto Christmas Market

Ah Christmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. You get to hike out in the bush and chop down a Christmas tree (a.k.a drive to the nearest Canadian Tire), families get together, Tim Hortons has their peppermint white hot chocolate out, and of course, Michael Bublé’s Christmas album on repeat. Wow, that was a very Canadian sentence. Sorry. In honour of this glorious holiday, myself and … Continue reading The Toronto Christmas Market

18 beautiful photos from Greece

Hi, I’m in Greece — The city of Gods. Well… I was four days ago. The past two weeks, my family and myself had travelled all around Greece and I cannot explain how beautiful the country is. Below are 18 beautiful photos I was able to capture while on my travels. 1. These Gorgeous Sunsets: 2. This Perfectly Crystal Clear Sea: 3. This Breath Taking View: 4. The City of … Continue reading 18 beautiful photos from Greece